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Do You Have an Advanced Learner?

The CFBISD Advanced Academics program is unique in that the district offers many avenues for our gifted students!

A student may be referred for gifted and talented services by teachers, parents, administrators, counselors, students and other members of the community who believe the student may qualify for gifted and talented services.


Identification of students is conducted to determine which students require program alterations because of their unique educational needs.


G/T Benefits in CFBISD:

  • Parent and teacher identified testing

  • CFBISD provides options for all students to be assessed and served in challenging academic programs. Please contact your home campus for details.

  • G/T Programs on EVERY campus

  • Advanced Placement (AP, Hight School)

  • Pre-Advanced Placement (Pre-AP, Middle School)

  • Leading Exceptional Academic Producers (LEAP, Elementary School)

  • Academic Creative Education (ACE, Elementary School)

  • Recognized by the Texas State Plan for Gifted and Advanced Learners

  • District provides options for professional development to ensure that all CFB professionals are aware of and committed to the programs for gifted students.


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