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The Carrollton-Farmers Branch Association for the Gifted and Talented is an independent, voluntary organization of parents, educators and friends of the gifted. Our organization was established in 1978 and continues today providing resources for parents and advocating for students.

Our Mission

The mission of the C-FB AGT is to advocate for the needs of all advanced learners in the Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District and ensure they receive appropriate educational opportunities. 

C-FB AGT is a Non profit organization. We appreciate your support for our educators & families.

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AGT Membership 2023-2024

Regular dues are $20 annually (Waived for this school year)

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Check out CFB Parent Education committee’s newest series of videos for parents of young children.


  1. Estrategias para ayudar a su hijo a sobrellevar la ansiedad

  2. ¿Sabe que le ayuda a mejorar el éxito escolar a su hijo, lo entretiene, divierte y fortalece el lazo que usted tiene con su niño? amar los libros. Lo invitamos a mirar este video corto sobre cómo puede leer en voz alta con los niños pequeños para ayudarles con la lectura. Link:

  3. Padres, es importante ayudar a nuestros niños a desarrollar el amor por la lectura desde que son pequeños, incluso antes de que puedan leer. Lo invitamos a ver este video corto sobre cómo seleccionar libros para niños pequeños. Link:

  4. Padres, sabemos que usted tiene una vida muy ocupada y poco tiempo disponible, asi que le vamos a dar unos consejos de cómo ayudar a sus hijos con habilidades de lenguaje y lectura mientras juegan en el carro. Link:


  1. Coping Skills Toolbox: Helping your child with Anxiety

  2. Parents, do you know what will improve you child's success in school, delight, entertain and strengthen the bonds with your child? this magic thing is reading out loud. We invite you to watch this short video about Reading Aloud with Young Children.? Link:

  3. Parents, it is important to help your child develop a love of reading starting when they are young. We invite you to watch this short video about Book Selection for Young Children. Link:

  4. Parents, we know your life is busy and time is tight, so here are some tips on how to reinforce reading skills while playing games with your children in the car. Link:


GT in the time of COVID-19

How do GT students react or cope during a time of crisis?  What resources exist for parents to meet GT needs during this time, after basic survival and safety needs are met? Includes the following resources:

  • Texas COVID information

  • Opportunities to help others

  • Online learning for acceleration and flexible pacing

  • Enrichment

  • Basic needs

  • 2e

Click HERE for more info

Dear Gifted Parent Leaders,

 Gifted Education Family Network is looking into supporting Parents especially through this challenging times by facilitating virtual parent support groups. We would love parent input to help inform our parent support group programming. 


Virtual Parent Support Group         

Express your interest and ideas in our survey 

Are you looking for a safe place to exchange, share, learn, and support each other in our parenting journey throughout Texas? We’d like to find out what resources and information would help Texas gifted families. Fill out our survey if you would like to express your interest or share ideas.

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